【中古民谣】Sagittarius - The Song  


Sagittarius,德国新古典新民谣乐队,成立于1998年底。乐队的创始人Cornelius Waldne原是黑金属乐队Hailstorm的成员,他从古典音乐作家Corelli, Mozart 和Beethoven作品中受到启发,录制一些自己所创作的古典音乐样品,遂成立了Sagittarius。

《The Song 》

       A boy once roamed into the woods, 
  His cheek was smooth and bright, 
  He lost his way in woods of fay
  And was not home by night. 
  The village folk turned out and searched
  From dawn till day was sped, 
  But since they found no trace of him
  They gave him up as dead. 
  Now after seven years had passed
  One morning it befell
  That he was seen beyond the green
  And heading toward the well. 
  They asked him who he was and stared, 
  His face seemed strange and dim. 
  His parents both were gone and no
  One else remembered him. 
  "A while ago I lost the path
  And walked in woods of fay, 
  I came in time to feast with them, 
  But soon was sent away. 
  The people there are white as snow
  And they have golden locks, 
  These are their words for sun and moon, 
  For valleys, hills, and brooks." 
  They laughed: "This early in the day
  He can't be full of wine!" 
  They said that he was mad and made
  Him keeper of their kine. 
  So every day he fared afield
  And sat upon a stone, 
  And late into the night he sang, 
  They left him quite alone. 
  And only children heard his song
  And often sat beside, 
  They sang it far into the years, 
  Long after he had died.



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